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Connected television has changed how we watch TV. Now ad tech is transforming TV advertising

It’s time to see TV from a new perspective. Index Exchange is bringing new standards, increased transparency, and technological advancements to connected TV (CTV), empowering broadcasters and streaming visionaries alike to realise the true value of TV’s evolution into a digital medium.

The Index Exchange Platform

Premium demand

Gain access to a diverse spectrum of global demand. As a preferred supply partner of the world’s largest agencies, marketers, and DSPs, our strong connection to demand opens doors to new buyers and campaigns, and helps you increase share of spend from major CTV buyers.

Inventory management

Index delivers the access to demand you want, with the flexibility and control you need. From open auctions to direct deals and curated marketplaces to inventory packages for custom buys, we have the tools to help you better merchandise CTV inventory and manage demand on your terms.

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Exchange quality

With a focus on maintaining buyer confidence in the integrity of your inventory, Index applies strict criteria for CTV supply and adheres to the highest quality standards. As co-authors of the IAB Tech Lab’s ads.cert protocols, we’re leading the industry forward with a new framework for authenticating CTV transactions and eliminating ad fraud.

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Drive more revenue to your streaming apps and channels by increasing the relevancy of your viewers to addressable campaigns. Addressability remains an evolving aspiration for CTV, and Index is leading the way with a real-time identity framework that connects CTV inventory and publisher data to the graphs and DMPs that buyers trust.

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Data and analytics

Gain clarity into the true value of your CTV inventory and make smarter monetisation decisions. This starts with unparalleled price transparency and a receipt for every transaction. Index provides insights on bidding and buyer patterns as well as transaction-level reporting by content, device, deal ID, and more to help you optimise strategy and uncover new opportunities.

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Integration and support

From choosing the right integration to optimising bid requests to configuring inventory to meet the needs of demand, our expert team will guide you through the complex and highly nuanced streaming TV landscape so you can capitalise on programmatic CTV.

Index Explains: Streaming TV

While video advertising is sophisticated, it doesn’t need to be confusing. Tune in to our new video series where we break down all the complexities of streaming TV.

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