Addressability Portfolio

Have the flexibility to choose the addressability solutions that are right for your business.


Have the flexibility to choose the addressability solutions that are right for your business.

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Better control over data, for you and your customers

The demise of third-party cookies, continued limitations of mobile advertising identifiers, and evolving privacy regulations have led to an array of new addressability solutions. Index Exchange’s addressability portfolio gives you flexibility and control so you can reach the right audiences with the strategy and partner that best meets your policy and business objectives.

Our support for addressability solutions

Our support for addressability solutions

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Universal IDs

Universal IDs allow privacy-centric, people-based messaging and measurement. We partner with several providers that meet our high standards for functionality and consumer respect to offer media owners, marketers, and consumers a better alternative to third-party cookies.

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Privacy Sandbox solutions

Index is engaged with Google’s Privacy Sandbox proposals and will support solutions as they move into general availability, ensuring scaled addressability and monetisation in Chrome when audiences choose not to authenticate via email or login.


Publisher first-party data

Index enables media owners and publishers to activate their unique first-party data. Whether that’s custom taxonomies or advanced contextual solutions, these segments will help buyers  reach the right audiences across the web.

Preparing for the Future of Addressability

Download our guide to learn how to navigate today's addressable opportunity and ensure success in tomorrow's privacy-first world.

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Addressability partners

Unified ID 2.0

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