Curate the Open Market with Inventory Packages

The open market lets marketers and media owners reach and monetise audiences at scale. However, the sheer expanse of it can create efficiency challenges for buyers, especially when targeting the right inventory is just as important as reaching the right audience.   

For example, a marketer might want to use data to reach audiences interested in sports, gaming, or entertainment, and also engage those audiences through relevant sites or content, or through a particular format across mobile, CTV, and web. To do so, they need an easy way to curate supply on the open market.   

Inventory Packages do just that, offering marketers a way to simplify the buying workflow while ensuring access to quality, relevant inventory.  

The benefits of Inventory Packages  

Inventory Packages are a powerful and easy way to curate open market supply by using a single deal ID. They increase efficiency for marketers and drive more demand to media owners by allowing buyers to:  

  • Easily curate and customise supply. Buyers can curate packages by sites, categories, devices, formats, and other criteria using a specific media owner list.  
  • Simplify workflows and optimisation. With quick set-up, easy monitoring, and sell-side optimisation, Inventory Packages are easier to manage than allow lists.    
  • Maximise Volume Incentives savings. Qualified buyers can pair Inventory Packages with Volume Incentives to boost efficiency. Using volume-based savings to buy more media with the same budget increases reach, performance, and other KPIs.  

Inventory Packages + Volume Incentives = More efficiency and lower costs  

Marketers using both Inventory Packages and Volume Incentives benefit from two powerful levers for supply path optimisation (SPO): curated inventory and incentive-derived savings. Our recently released Volume Incentives program is based on the concept of economies of scale, so media buyers can save more as they scale their spend. We reduce the Index fee and pass the savings back to the buyer to reinvest in media. 

Relative to standard open market transactions and direct deals, Index offers the highest savings with Inventory Packages. Media buyers can benefit from Volume Incentive savings, open market flexibility, and the curation tools of private marketplaces, which ultimately leads to more efficiency and improved performance on the open internet.   

Further optimising supply paths  

Both media owners and buyers are streamlining supply and demand paths to build more resilient value chains and focus on more strategic partnerships. A key piece of SPO efforts, Inventory Packages help marketers reach audiences through preferred media owners and properties most relevant to their brand, while still benefiting from the flexibility of the open market.  

Media owners also benefit as Inventory Packages provide another way to access more demand while ensuring that they can strengthen their strategic relationships with buyers on the open market. For Index, we believe that supply path efficiency is bi-directional and both media owners and marketers should reap the benefits.   

To learn more about how to access an optimised supply path with the benefits of open market flexibility and the curation tools of private marketplaces, contact your Index representative.  

Jamie Penkethman

Jamie Penkethman

Product marketing director

Jamie Penkethman leads product marketing for addressability and deals at Index Exchange, where he is responsible for developing and maintaining the marketing strategy and positioning of these solutions. Prior to joining Index, Jamie led identity product marketing at MediaMath. He has also held roles at Publicis Media, Verve, and the mobile publisher Gameloft.

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