Leading Brand Boosts Video Completions and Reduces CPMs with Our Inventory Packages


Programmatic short-form video is a cost-effective way to drive brand awareness; however, curating this inventory across all screens and devices can be a challenge. By ensuring video supply is structured and contextualised, brands have the power to attract more engaged site visitors, garner higher content engagement, improve video completion rates, and reduce CPMs.

Together with Matterkind, a leading brand in Australia was looking to use premium short-form video inventory as an innovative way to activate reach campaigns in an open market auction. The brand’s primary objective was to increase video completion rates across Australia’s top 200 media owners, and leverage programmatic efficiencies to drive their media dollars further by maximising moments of receptivity. 

By leveraging Matterkind’s longstanding partnership with Index Exchange, the brand was able to harness the power of Inventory Packages and Volume Incentives to curate inventory and establish a more efficient supply path, improving their campaign objectives.


Inventory Packages enable media buyers to curate supply across multiple media owners using a single deal ID, facilitating speed-to-market by eliminating the need to set up multiple deal IDs for each media owner targeted in the campaign. 

They offer a simplified workflow as they are easier to manage than allow lists and don’t require the activation of multiple deals. They also make it easier to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimise campaigns toward high-performing supply.

The brand also qualified for Index’s Volume Incentives program, allowing them to benefit from two key supply path optimisation (SPO) drivers: curated inventory and incentive-derived savings. With Volume Incentives, the more a buyer spends, the more they save. Index reduces the fee without decreasing the bid or affecting the win rate. The savings are passed back to the buyer to enable more media delivery within the campaign budget, in real-time.

Ultimately, the combination of savings and curation led to better campaign outcomes—more reach and improved video efficiency and performance—delivered with the same media budget.

“Index Exchange’s Inventory Packages have allowed us to appear in ad-safe and contextually relevant environments without having to manually set up individual deals with media owners. As a result, we have saved a huge amount of time when setting up campaigns, giving us more time to optimise and improve campaign delivery.”  

Harry Hunt, addressable activations manager 
Matterkind Australia  


Leveraging our Inventory Packages and Volume Incentives allowed the brand to reach audiences through their preferred media owners and the most relevant properties, while still benefiting from the flexibility of the open market. When compared with historical activity that did not utilise inventory packages, they saw:

  • 8% increase in video completion rates across all campaigns 
  • 34% improvement in CPM efficiencies, enabling greater reach
  • 35,000 additional impressions delivered using the same media budget (achieved via Volume Incentives)
  • 50% reduction in cost per completed view

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Index Editor

Index Editor

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