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Create new media opportunities with your unique offering and premium omnichannel supply via Index, all without requiring development work.

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Introducing Marketplaces

Index’s easy-to-configure platform empowers partners to create a business atop our expansive access to omnichannel media owners. As a Marketplace partner, you can bring your unique capabilities—whether that’s data, direct publisher relationships, or other curation services and expertise—to develop new media opportunities that deliver value and efficiency for your customers throughout the supply path.

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Harness the power of flexibility

For partners, the Index Marketplaces enterprise platform is easy to configure according to your business needs, helping you commercialize your media offer.

For media owners, this opens your inventory to entirely new demand sources without requiring any new integration or development.

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Powerful tools for Marketplace partners and media owners

An intuitive UI makes it easy for partners to manage supply and curate deals using an array of powerful features as well as your own proprietary assets. Detailed insights and reporting provide the data you need to measure success.

Our platform offers media owners full control and the flexibility to determine who accesses your inventory and transparent, comprehensive insight into the impact of new demand.

Marketplaces features

Single Index fee

With no additional platform fee on Marketplace transactions, more investment goes toward working media, resulting in better campaign performance for marketers and a higher share of spend to media owners.

Designed for omnichannel

Easily access quality inventory across channels, including streaming TV, native, mobile, and display. Target an array of signals and curate based on direct relationships with providers.

Seamless integration

Marketplaces are turnkey from the start and don’t require any additional development work or adapters from either partners or media owners to participate.

Bidding via DSPs

Improve your supply path efficiency while continuing to transact directly through your preferred DSP partners.

Ready to experience Index Marketplaces?

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New platform brings increased commercial opportunities and efficiencies to ecosystem

Marketplaces is an omnichannel platform aimed at helping partners transact more efficiently via Index’s robust supply footprint and advanced, modern infrastructure.

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