Unlocking the Power of Curation with Index Marketplaces 

As ad buying continues to shift toward curation, Index Marketplaces marks a new beginning for programmatic executions: one that’s more robust, efficient, and streamlined. 

The Index Marketplaces curation platform is designed to unlock additional revenue opportunities for a variety of different business models. Whether you’re a data provider, creative technologist, commerce media network, media agency, algorithmic bidding provider, or any other player in the digital ecosystem, Index Marketplaces makes programmatic media more efficient and transparent for buyers and sellers alike. 

Building a business with Index Marketplaces 

As an Index Marketplace partner, you can bring your unique capabilities—data, strategic buyer and seller relationships, or other curation expertise—and seamlessly create a marketplace on top of Index’s programmatic pipes without sacrificing additional platform fees. 

Activation doesn’t require development work. We’ve spent over a decade fine-tuning thousands of integrations with media owners and buyers, so you don’t have to (and let’s not talk about all the contracts and paperwork that comes with that). Instead, you can focus on what you do best and easily package your programmatic solutions with premium, omnichannel supply while we handle the infrastructure. 

A variety of ways to do business with Index Marketplaces 

With more businesses leaning into curation and data activation, we’re seeing a diverse range of marketplaces emerge on Index, each tailored to meet distinct needs within the programmatic ecosystem. Here are some of the use cases being leveraged today: 

1. Curation 

Curators can customize their Index Marketplaces and select inventory based on specific audiences, inventory types, regions, or other unique targeting criteria.  

Activating curation and deal IDs on the supply side ensures greater access across the open web, resulting in more matchable audiences and greater reach. This allows buyers to simplify how they access tailored inventory and enables precise targeting across their preferred DSPs

“Media buyers’ needs are evolving—they want brand-safe, sustainable, and addressable campaigns. With Index Marketplaces’ premium supply integrations and our Active Curation technology, we can curate tailored supply to meet their needs in the most cost-effective and scalable way. Curation not only simplifies access to customized, brand-safe inventory but also delivers significant efficiencies, which means buyers see maximum return on their investments.” 

Robin Bootle, co-founder and chief operating officer 

Index Marketplaces also solves the fragmentation challenges of buying through multiple DSPs by making campaign execution more streamlined and flexible. For instance, a media agency could create a deals library as a generalized buying option for its customers. By establishing supply-side targeting criteria through its Marketplace, agency traders can trust that normalized controls are in place, regardless of a given DSP’s specific targeting capabilities. 

2. Data activation 

There are multiple opportunities to leverage data within Index Marketplaces. First, data providers can layer their proprietary assets onto Index Marketplaces, integrating it securely with our out-of-the-box curation capabilities to provide media buyers with advanced and precise targeting.  

“Curation has been a driving force for innovation across the programmatic landscape and Index Marketplaces has been a valuable partner for Audigent. Their curation solution allows us to combine our privacy-safe, first-party data with premium omnichannel inventory, supporting our ability to meet and exceed our clients’ KPIs.”  

Chris Meredith, GM, supply side partnerships 

Alternatively, data providers can operate as a standalone business and create a new monetization stream by merchandising their data across the Index Marketplaces platform. By integrating data products for use by other curators, Index Marketplaces essentially acts as a distribution network.  

“Accessing video-level data through Index Marketplaces helps media buyers scale their contextual strategies within streaming TV, effectively reaching viewers at the most crucial moments. This targeted approach enhances campaign efficiency, allowing brands to connect with their audience in a more meaningful and impactful way.” 

Nancy Neumann Grey, SVP of business development 

3. Attribution and measurement 

Index Marketplaces’ advanced reporting and log-level data capabilities provide granular insights into campaign performance an purchase data, helping to optimize strategies in real time and demonstrate return on ad spend (ROAS) and concrete ROI for buyers. This is particularly powerful for commerce media companies leveraging transactional data to prove advertising effectiveness.  

“Our collaboration with Index Marketplaces promises to redefine media buying by enabling access to transaction data across premium channels, offering insights into real-time ROAS and conversions, and paving the way for more strategic and effective advertising campaigns.” 

Brian Mandelbaum, CEO 

By removing the complexity associated with managing programmatic infrastructure and boosting efficiency, companies now have a new avenue to grow their business. And, we’re just scratching the surface. We’re constantly learning of new use cases and bolstering the value creation we believe can be unlocked with Index Marketplaces, which only motivates us to keep building, improving, and delivering even greater efficiency.  

Learn how you can embrace the power of curation and unlock new opportunities with Index Marketplaces. 

Paul Zovighian

Paul Zovighian

VP of corporate development

Paul Zovighian carries over a decade of industry expertise, stemming from roots in analytics and optimization to his current post as VP of corporate development, where he led Index’s first-ever business acquisition. Paul is currently focused on the commercial activation of Index’s newest product, Index Marketplaces, but in his spare time, he enjoys long walks on the beach and befriending cats in NYC’s thriving bodega scene.

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