Business Insider Sees 26% Increase in CPMs with Index Exchange’s Outstream Ad Unit 


Business Insider, a global media company that publishes news, stories, and data-driven journalism across a variety of platforms, began working with Index Exchange to implement outstream video advertising on its website in 2023. Outstream ad units can be placed within articles or feeds, or may be a floating video ad unit. They’re sound-off by default and can fall into three video placement types: accompanying content, interstitial, and standalone or no content. Business Insider realised it was missing out on potential revenue by not activating outstream advertising inventory with Index. 


Index helped Business Insider to activate outstream advertising (standalone or no-content placements) via Prebid, an open-source header bidding solution. Index’s outstream ad unit allowed for an easier and faster setup compared to implementing Business Insider’s own outstream video player. Activating outstream advertising also allowed Business Insider to diversify its demand and access a new revenue source with little effort through its Prebid integration. As a result, Insider achieved higher CPM rates and increased ad spend. 

“Business Insider wanted a way to seamlessly integrate outstream into our ad offerings and Index was able to provide us that. We did some low-lift configurations within Prebid and we were monetising within a few days.” 

Anthony Triano, director, programmatic operations  
Business Insider 


Since implementing Index’s outstream ad unit, Business Insider has seen positive performance, and is confident that success will continue in the future. Results include: 

  • 50.81% increase in ad spend  
  • 26.35% increase in CPMs 
  • 5.46% increase in slot fill rate 

Business Insider’s success shows that outstream advertising can be a valuable source of new revenue for publishers. See how working with a trusted partner like Index Exchange can help you implement outstream advertising effectively and achieve significant results. 

Learn more about IAB Tech Lab’s new video definitions, which impact outstream and other video advertising.  

Index Editor

Index Editor

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