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Index Exchange Builds ‘Exchange of the Future,’ Scaling its Omnichannel Capabilities for New Channels and Creative Formats

Company also reveals updated brand, outlining mission to accelerate the advertising technology evolution 

Index Exchange Inc. (Index), one of the world’s largest independent ad exchanges, announced today the rebuild of its entire exchange architecture, debuting a modern, scalable exchange that provides increased efficiency for the company’s customers, as well as an ability to scale and innovate in new channels and formats. The rebuild is one of the largest coordinated engineering efforts Index has embarked on and took place in its entirety throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The updated exchange will allow the company to deploy features for Index’s customers faster than ever before and seamlessly handle the billions of transactions the exchange processes daily. Layered within the platform is a newly rebuilt predictive intelligence engine, enabling Index to better align supply with the right demand and minimise wasted volume to benefit media owners, buyers, and DSPs. The modernised exchange will also allow Index to accelerate the development of omnichannel solutions for its media owner and buyer customers. 

“Our transformed exchange architecture is a critical step in accelerating the industry, especially as we prepare for a world without third-party cookies and accelerate into new channels and formats,” said Andrew Casale, president and CEO of Index Exchange. “The stakes have never been higher, and we remain committed to helping our customers not only embrace, but lead, change for the long-term as we navigate the continued evolution of our industry.”

Index’s updated exchange technology platform features the best-in-class transparency and security measures the company has always had in place, including Client Audit Logs (log-level reporting) for transactions across all channels and formats as well as partnerships with industry-leading protection vendors to fight against invalid traffic. The company also continues to champion bringing standards and transparency to the rapidly maturing connected TV (CTV) arena, leading the charge in developing tools that help safeguard all inventory and advertising investments, no matter the channel. Most recently, Index co-authored IAB Tech Lab’s ads.cert 2.0, a standard that uses cryptographic security protocols to secure the over-the-top (OTT) supply chain.

Alongside the updated platform, the company is also announcing a brand refresh, revealing a new logo as well as significant updates to its visual identity. The changes signify a powerful new direction for Index, repositioning the company as an efficient, omnichannel exchange. Together, the updated logo and visual brand communicate the idea of growing collectively with the industry, with a mission of accelerating the ad technology evolution towards total market efficiency, and further connecting media owners and buyers in a seamless fashion. 

“Throughout our company’s history, we’ve consistently led change and embraced the ability to pivot towards what’s next, leading our industry in delivering transparency, safety, and control to our customers,” said Lori Goode, chief marketing officer of Index Exchange. “This evolution of our company will bring those same efforts to additional channels and formats, and our updated exchange and brand are reflections of this next step in our story.” The debut of the new exchange architecture comes on the heels of several critical global hires for the company over the last year, including Lori Goode, chief marketing officer, Jessica Breslav, chief customer officer, Jason DeMarco, vice president of OTT, and Wade Ware, vice president of technical solutions. Index has added over 150 employees in 2021 and continues to expand its presence in 13 global cities.

About Index Exchange

About Index Exchange

Index Exchange is a global advertising marketplace enabling media owners to grow revenue by helping marketers reach consumers on any screen, through any format. Headquartered in Toronto, Index has nearly 20 years of experience accelerating the evolution of ad technology for the world’s leading experience makers. To learn more, visit or @indexexchange.

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