For Buyers

An ad exchange should never come between buyers and sellers. Index Exchange creates a fast and frictionless bridge for transacting deals in real time that enhances the relationship between the two. Strategic buyers are integral to a competitive marketplace. We believe our valued demand partners are best served by an independent ad exchange with no competing buy side business.

Key Benefits

  • Transparent

    Index Exchange never levies harmful hidden buy side fees that reduce working media.

  • Neutral

    Index Exchange has no buy side business to compete with our valuable demand partners. Our sole focus is building strong and fast pipes to facilitate transactions.

  • Flexible

    New ad technology moves lightning fast for buyers, and we know that moving fast to support new sizes and formats is critical to our mutual success.

  • Quality

    Every URL is individually screened to ensure it adheres to the highest quality standards.

"Index Exchange provides premium supply with no buy side fees, recommending and monitoring our deals to ensure they remain competitive with the open market."
Geoffrey Litwer, Media Director at Publicis Health Media

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