How Header Bidding Empowers Media Buyers

The North Star of advertising has always been getting the right message in front of the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Before the broad adoption of header bidding, media buyers faced significant obstacles on their journey—including limited visibility into inventory, inconsistent access to audiences, and difficult forecasting. Buyers could only operate as effectively as their preferred exchange’s position in the ad server allowed.

Improved campaign performance with header bidding

Whereas tag-based waterfall auctions limit inventory and data access for media buyers, header bidding empowers buyers to improve performance as it provides the same, equal access to inventory and consumers as direct buys. Media buyers gain:

  • A clear view of inventory from media owners
  • Ability to compete with direct buys
  • Credible and reliable metrics to inform bidding strategy

Header bidding has amplified a DSP’s ability to help marketers capture consumer attention. With access to premium inventory that reaches a diverse range of consumers, fairer evaluation in the ad server, and insight into win rates, media buyers can bid smarter, win with consistency, and more effectively address their desired audiences.

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Index Editor

Index Editor

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