Introducing the New Index Exchange Platform: Increased Efficiency across Channels

In the nearly two decades since we started our company, the focus has been to set the standard for the industry—from inventory quality to transparency, to the continued pursuit of a level playing field for all to transact in. We’ve innovated by collaborating with our customers and partners to unlock ad tech’s full potential. Now, it’s time to introduce the new Index. 

We’re living through seismic changes in the industry as consumers’ digital behavior shifts and we prepare for a world without third-party cookies and limited device identifiers. Today’s experience makers—publishers, app creators, streaming providers, and the marketers who reach their audiences through them—are constantly building and scaling across every channel. 

The stakes have never been higher. 

That’s why we recognized the need to reimagine our entire exchange architecture. Today, I’m excited to share another milestone in Index’s history: the debut of our new modernized and scalable exchange. 

Rebuilt from the ground up, our new exchange architecture provides increased efficiency and an ability to scale and innovate in new channels and formats, resulting in improved margins for media owners and additional working media dollars for marketers.

Our updated exchange allows us to seamlessly process hundreds of billions of transactions daily as well as deploy features faster to accelerate our development of omnichannel solutions.

Layered within the platform is a newly rebuilt predictive intelligence engine, enabling us to better align supply with the right demand and minimize wasted volume to benefit media owners, buyers, and DSPs.

Our commitment to transparency remains paramount and we continue to lead the charge in developing tools that help safeguard advertising investments across channels. Our transparency and security measures include Client Audit Logs (log-level reporting) for all transactions as well as partnerships with industry-leading protection vendors to fight against invalid traffic. We also recently co-authored IAB Tech Lab’s ads.cert 2.0, a standard that uses cryptographic security protocols to secure the over-the-top (OTT) supply chain. 

The new exchange is designed to evolve in lockstep with our customers’ businesses, and the industry as a whole. We’re in a position to build faster than we ever have before, delivering more efficiency and value while continuing to focus on solving the most pressing industry challenges to help propel our customers to the next level.

Our renewed focus on quality, transparency, and efficiency means that media owners can continue to scale their businesses and marketers can reach consumers on any screen, through any ad format. And together, we all can ensure that consumers continue enjoying the content they love, delivered in an integrated and privacy-safe way.

Our new exchange and our focus on omnichannel signify it’s also time to reveal an updated brand for Index.

Our updated branding reflects the evolution of Index and our position as an efficient, omnichannel exchange. It’s inspired by both our heritage and our mission to accelerate the ad technology evolution.  

This past year has been filled with growth for Index. We’ve welcomed over 150 employees and continued to expand our presence across our 13 global locations. I am so proud of the incredible work from Indexers all over the world who rallied through the pandemic to make the debut of our new exchange architecture and brand possible.

Stay tuned: I’ll be sharing more about what’s ahead during our first virtual event of the new year in early 2022. I’m looking forward to working together as we build an even brighter future.

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Index Editor

Index Editor

This post was published by the Index Exchange editorial team.

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