Introducing: The IX Library™

As we continue the journey towards democratizing digital advertising, the Index Exchange Wrapper has evolved from its beginnings as a revolutionary improvement over the waterfall to a platform product with a robust ecosystem. It’s now time for the next stage of header bidding and our product. We’re proud to announce that the Wrapper will now be known as the IX Library ™.

Header bidding challenges for media owners

To understand why it was time to evolve to the IX Library, let’s look at the many challenges media owners face when choosing a wrapper solution.

It’s difficult to choose the right solution: The ad tech industry is saturated with different header bidding solutions. These solutions all claim to be better than and differentiated from each other. Upon closer inspection, you can see that often these solutions offer the same capabilities but are just named or packaged differently. This creates confusion and often leads media owners to believe that header bidding, in general, has become commoditized.

It’s costly to evaluate the right solution: Because it’s difficult to evaluate different header bidding options, media owners need to devote many internal resources to properly review and choose the right solution. On top of that, some some media owners deploy multiple header bidding solutions at the same time and have to decide how best to implement the various solutions so they all get access and proper priority to inventory. These advanced setups require more involved testing and maintenance, which compounds the challenge and drains more internal resources.

There’s risk to choosing the wrong solution: The difficulty and cost of evaluating and choosing the correct header bidding solution means a media owner risks choosing a sub-optimal solution. In turn, they then risk losing revenue due to choosing a technology that doesn’t fit their individual business needs. To add to this dilemma, if a media owner realizes that they’ve chosen the wrong solution, the evaluation process begins again.

The IX Library: The next evolution in header bidding

The IX Library brings addressability and people-based buying to all media owners, regardless of their header bidding solution. It represents the next evolution in header bidding at Index and offers a best-in-class technology that combines features such as Adaptive Timeout with customizable and managed serviced solutions.

With the IX Library, you can:

Enable people-based buying on all header bidding platforms: No matter which header bidding solution you use, we offer Identity Library™, a lightweight framework to add real-time identity (RTI) adapters to existing wrapper solutions, including those from Index, Prebid, or others. Through RTI, all media owners can enrich their bid requests with consumer data, allowing for a people-based buying experience.

Leverage a best-in-class technology: The IX Library is the market-leading header bidding solution offering media owners advanced features that maximize revenue and provide the right granular insights to make solid business decisions. The IX Library includes RTI adapters, which enrich your bid requests with consumer data, enabling a people-based buying experience. It also includes bidding adapters, giving you access to the largest pool of quality media buyers in an independent exchange. Finally, it includes Library Pulse, an analytics solution that provides you with the insights you need to make better business decisions.

Tailor a solution to meet your individual business needs: No matter which header bidding platform you use, we offer a solution that will improve your monetization. If you handle your bidding adapters in a third-party header bidding solution, we offer the IX Identity Library. If you want to leverage the IX Bidding Adapters, we offer two solutions—IX Wrapper Library™ and IX Custom Library™—that allow you to leverage our technology, but also provide the flexibility to meet your individual business needs.

IX library chart
  • IX Identity Library: The Identity Library is a lightweight framework to add RTI adapters to existing wrapper solutions, which allows you to enrich your bid requests with consumer data and activate people-based buying.
  • IX Wrapper Library: Our most popular product offering, the IX Wrapper Library (formerly known as the DFP Auto Wrapper) is a managed service that requires little integration work. It includes access to all adapters including RTI adapters, and it automatically connects to GAM.
  • IX Custom Library: The IX Custom Library is our most versatile product and allows you to integrate RTI adapters and bidding adapters into your advertising code. This customizable product offering works for any use case not covered by the above two libraries so you can meet your specific business needs.

All three IX Library solutions come with access to our team of programmatic experts.

Index Editor

Index Editor

This post was published by the Index Exchange editorial team.

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