M Publicité Grows Revenue Using the IX Library™

Success story: M Publicité

M Publicité is the advertising department of the highly respected French publisher Le Monde, which is known for publishing Le Monde, Le Nouvel Obs, La Vie, Courrier International, Télérama, and As a part of their effort to embrace and adopt programmatic advertising, we worked with M Publicité to integrate with the IX Library™

The opportunity

M Publicité tapped Index Exchange for support in addressing day-to-day challenges, seeking a close partner with whom they could have a two-way relationship focused on identifying solutions. 

The solution

Integrating with the IX Library™ allows media owners to experience sustained growth thanks to high-quality services:

  • Our full-service team supports any needs from customers (including integrations, updates, and more).
  • Integration and use of the IX Library™ is free for all of our customers.
  • The IX Library™ brings people-based marketing to all publishers regardless of their header bidding solution.

The outcome

In order to unlock the power of programmatic, M Publicité has benefitted from the following integrations:

  • Easy addition of partners integrated via the IX Library™
  • Automatic access to the LiveRamp IdentityLink™  solution 

“The revenue is important, but we place it at almost the same level as the support provided by a partner. We’re not satisfied with a QBR, the traditional quarterly meeting in ad tech. We prefer to have regular meetings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. And this is the kind of relationship we have with Index Exchange.”

Sébastien Noel
Director of programmatic activities, ad tech and monetisation,
M Publicité

Read the full case study to learn how M Publicité grew its revenue by over 20% shortly after integrating the IX Library™, or contact our sales team to learn how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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Index Editor

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